Apartments Gythio (Mavrovouni)
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Excursions in Gythio

On your holidays you can enjoy the picturesque Gythio (Land of Gods), that presents a particular archaeological and folklore interest. There are surely many suggestions for your entertainment and nightlife.
In the little island "Kranai", that is technical connected with the land, according to the tradition, had stopped Paris and Beautiful Helen (Oraia Eleni) the night before the trip to Troia. There, is located the Tower of Mr Τzannetakis, that now is the National Historical Museum of Manni and the chapel of Saint Petros.
In a short distance from Mavrovouni there are beautiful villages, picturesque little ports and majestic beaches of intense local colour and natural beauties that will offer you unforgettable moments on your vacations.
Suggestions around Gythio

The area of Mani (Areopoli-Limeni- Vathia-Kotronas etc.) with the traditional settlings and the genuine tradition.
Dirou Caves (Alepotripa-Katafygi and Glyfada). In a distance of 30 km is located one of the most interesting natural sights of Greece with rare archeological value.
Monemvasia The"silent" Medieval, Byzantine and Venetian castle town, is 40 km away, and is an opportunity for an unforgettable vacation.
Εlafonisos Land of extremely beauty
Mistras in a distance of 40 km on the hillside of Taigetos mountain, a deserted dead now, Byzantine city that was the capital Byzantine and Medieval Mistra.